Lynn Van Den Broeck

Welkom welcome bienvenue bienvenido benvenuto to the Merrymakers!

In Antonioni’s film ‘Blow-up’ (1966) a bunch of happy people with white painted faces appear in the beginning and at the ending. They are called the merrymakers. No one knows what they really stand for. In the end sequence they are playing a game of “mime”-tennis. There’s no ball, only the group and a tennis court. They never say a word. Two of them are playing tennis, the others are cheering as their eyes follow the ball. They are buying into the same version of reality and so does the camera in the end. We believe fashion and the people who are involved, are just like the merrymakers. We create our own reality and together anything is possible. Live your own fantasy and get lost in it if you must!

Meet the Merrymakers:

Two women, always and secretly still girls, with passions on top of fashion. Wild at heart.

What makes them merry?


I’m in love with life and a planet called Fashion! I studied on this planet and lost my heart there.
I have a particular preference for all things “animal”.
I feel at home in all kinds of forests, jungles and fields, but for practical purposes a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a palm plant will do the trick.
Good food is always a good bribe.
I’m always up for a new adventure!
I live by the rule of “What ever makes you merry”  and I want to share my world of merrymakers with you.
I hope you will enjoy our universe and come back here again and again and again…



Ruth \r(u)-th\ is a girl’s name pronounced “rooth”. It’s of Hebrew origin and means friend, companion.
What’s in a name… I’m a friendly woman in progress who loves her family and friends above all. Besides that I can’t get enough of the Arne Jacobsen butterfly chair, Chanel perfume, Michael Jackson, knitwear, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculptures, X-men, travelling and all the other beautiful things life has to offer.

Let’s be creative, go wild, get inspired and feel yourself at home!

Yours truly,


  1. Marilyn Van Rysselberghe

    Hi girls,

    Just love your blog..want to invite you for a lovely ella luna event can you give me your emailadresses?www.ellaluna.com

  2. Hello Nathalie and Ruth,

    We love your pictures for lily and the lady. We would love to have contact ! Have a look at Yzbel.com for a quick intro, maybe you will all ready know what I mean …

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