The Journey of Ruth

TheJourneyofRuthHi guys,

I wanted to write this personal message for a few weeks now but I’ve been so busy arranging everything to become a freelancer that my agenda got rescheduled every day. Anyways 🙂 Some time ago I decided to quit my job at oona, the PR agency where Nathalie & I met and where I enjoyed working during 4 years. At certain points in your life there are decisions to be made and for me the time had come to change my life. It has been scary and it still is but at the same time I feel happy, alive and very excited to start my new career.

Together with that new career, a new website came along: The Journey of Ruth! It’s a platform for both my personal stories and my job as a freelancer. This doesn’t mean Nathalie and I don’t love each other anymore, we do! Our ways just separated for now and probably we’ll get merried again afterwards (sorry for the stupid word-plays 🙂 )

So you can find me most of the time at my new world-wide home and Nathalie will keep you all posted on her very exciting projects!

Cheers and see you soon


TheJourneyofRuth_About_1RuthVanSoom_TheJourneyofRuth_walkthetalkPictures by Ilja Sura Changlor Smets


  1. Im hoping to become a freelance journalist or work in PR so I’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog ^_^
    Could you perhaps do a blog post on how you became interested in this career and tricks and tips of the trade? Sending lots of love from Australia ❤

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