Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2015: Fur Free Fur!

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2015


Picture by @stellamccartney on instagram

Stella McCartney, I like her style. Not only the visual part, but also her responsable, ethical take on luxury fashion. She doesn’t use real fur or leather, but her collections look as luxurious as luxurious gets within a fashion brand. She shows us that it’s possible to think about those things and still be stylish. She sees it as her goal to make no compromise in beauty, but in a responsible way. She’s no typical treehugger, just a stylish mom who thinks about the consequences her collections and company have on the world.

As a mother of 4 with a childhood spent in the countryside and a traditional tailoring training on Savile Row, she’s a person of contrast. You can see that in her collections consisting of timeless and tailored classics, combined with soft and feminine pieces or standout styles. Fashion is a psychological and intuitive thing for her. How do you want your personality to reflect in your outfit when you walk in a room? What part of yourself do you want to capture and bring to the people in a room? No visual trend slave, but a personal style ally in the quest of building a very personal and timeless wardrobe.

She just launched her Pre-Fall collection in New York, and I saw the label “Fur Free Fur” pop-up in her instafeed. We live in a day and age where fake fur even exceeds the beauty of real fur, so why is real fur still an option?

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