Not so very long ago, Ruth and I had a conversation about the future. A conversation we both wanted to have for a while now, one of those not so easy to start. A conversation about changes. About growing. And in the end about wanting the same: to take things to the next level. And very important: a positive conversation!

You can guess what’s coming and you might have seen “The Journey of Ruth” pop-up in your feeds this week. I’m very proud to tell you about Ruth’s first steps as an entrepreneur. She’s starting her own journey as an independent content creator, community manager and PR account and that includes hosting a blog connected to all that. Make sure to follow her journey right here!

Now… You’re probably wondering what will happen to The Merrymakers. The thing about having a blog together, being about the same age and working together at the same job for 4 years, is that it makes you roll into the same kind of pattern. And just like Ruth, I’ve felt the need for change for a while now. I’ve loved working on The Merrymakers together with Ruth, but it wouldn’t feel right to keep it up without her. So I’ve been working on a brand spanking new and exciting platform myself! But more on that very soon! Keep an eye on this space for more details… You’ll be able to follow both of us on our different paths just as you like. You won’t be missing out on all things merry.


  1. It all reminded me of me and my best friend working and enjoying together… Indeed! a point comes when everything changes and the worst thing you find yourself helpless to accept it!

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