A glimpse of my new bedroom

A bedroom. It’s the first room you can call completely yours in life. As a kid you dream about all the ways to turn it into your very own little world and you do so. It changed over the years. I’m sure you remember the pink phase or the teenage poster explosion or what about your first grown-up bedroom, or so you thought. But you never forget it, that first bedroom, because you put a lot of memories, work and dreams into that one room.
Once you get to have your very own first apartment, the bedroom doesn’t seem al that important all of a sudden. You want your living room to look Pinterest perfect, your kitchen to be cozy and practical, but what about your little nest for rest? You’re glad you can at least afford a bed and mattress.

Well I wanted to recreate that vision of old. What if my bedroom would be the only room I had, what if it was a miniature version of my world, what would it look like? And thanks to some clever and practical details by IKEA and a few vintage treasures that I found, I managed to build my very own grown-up version of my childhood safe haven. I’m showing you some details in the pictures above, soon I’ll give you the grand tour.


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